Masterpiece Makers

A Mentorship Program

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I recently was speaking to a young lady who I have known casually for the last few months on a very informal basis. This intuitive college student works at the place where I go for cryotherapy and red light therapy (look it up). She asked if she could see some of my artwork. I began showing her my Instagram feed to share some of my work. She looked at my paintings and said, "Oh, it's YOU, but on a canvas." And I just thought, that is probably one of the best compliments I have ever received about my artwork. Learning how to paint my essence or personality or my ME-ness, has taken me a very long time to cultivate. I want to walk other artists through the process of how to make their most genuine work and share all that I have learned along the way. How do you paint work that feels the most like you?

As an artist, I feel the most alive when I am in a natural state of creative flow. In this day and age, it can be difficult to stay in flow because of all the pressures and stresses of every day life. Those weights can easily block my creative flow IF I ALLOW IT. There are so many distractions and voices vying for my attention and energy. Getting quiet to listen and prioritize beauty, within my creative practice, is vital if I want to thrive as a artist. Over the last 10+ years (13 years to be precise) I have built a thriving creative business where I regularly sell out of my paintings. This success didn't happen overnight! Selling feels amazing, but what I am most proud of as an artist, is my ability to stay in a creative flow and to create A LOT of artwork. I pride myself on being a fairly prolific artist. Because of this, I am uniquely gifted to help other artists tap into their own creative flow, stay inspired, create their most genuine work, and continue to grow as a artist.

Stagnancy is an artist's worst enemy!!! Movement = LIFE!

And yet... I see so many artists who get stuck in their creative cycle on a regular basis. Creative blocks are a real struggle for most artists. What is a creative block? Anything that keeps you from creating the work that you really want to be making. I want to help you get UNSTUCK and thriving in your creative flow. When you are a state of creative flow, you are truly living your best life. (Sounds cliche, I know).

In creative flow...

Creating comes easily. Selling comes easily. Making work that you actually LOVE comes easily. When you do the deep internal work, creating feels effortless.

Masterpiece Makers is a mentorship program designed to empower artists to stay in a creative flow, create their most genuine work and share it with the world. There will be 6 modules for this course spread out over the course of 12 weeks. Each module will explore what I consider an important part of the creative cycle. Artists will work on a collection of paintings with my guidance and the support of a community of artists.

Each module will last 2 weeks. The first week of each module, I will be teaching all of the concepts for that module and the second week you will be applying those concepts to your creative practice. I often find that there is not enough time for students to process and apply within the time frame of a course. This will give artists time to work at a more manageable pace. So on the implementation weeks you will mostly be applying the concepts of the module WITH the support of myself AND the community.

Module 1 Making Space for Creativity

  • The importance of rest
  • Carving out time for creativity
  • Making physical room (cleaning as ritual)
  • Letting go of old mindsets
  • Releasing old artwork
  • How to deal with creative overwhelm (too many creative ideas)

Module 2 Creative Practice

  • Creative practice is the foundation
  • Clarity- what kind of artwork should you focus on
  • Works on paper
  • Importance of line work and (quick) sketching
  • Creative rituals
  • Experimenting with composition
  • Identifying what skills you need to practice more

Module 3 Inspiration and Innovation

  • Staying inspired
  • How to organize your inspiration
  • Innovating your process
  • Streamlining your process
  • Challenging yourself and working out of your comfort zone
  • Moving through creative blocks
  • How to put together a collection of work

Module 4 Editing Process

  • Questions to answer during the editing process
  • How to make your paintings better
  • Composition 101
  • Watch my process of editing paintings
  • Color theory and value
  • Learning to trust your intuition

Module 5 Critique Group

  • Share and critique week
  • Get feedback and support in a community of artists

Module 6 Sharing Your Work

  • Pushing through fear
  • Telling a story
  • Photographing and styling your work
  • Detaching from your work
  • Receiving feedback from outside (your audience)
  • Basics of selling and pricing
  • Establishing systems
  • Letting go of your work
  • Creating demand for your artwork
  • Attracting collectors
  • Making room for new work

What is included in this mentorship program:

  • Community of support from fellow artists (Critique Group)
  • Pre-recorded content for each module with videos mapping the creative cycle for you
  • 6 LIVE coaching calls on Zoom
  • Weekly homework assignments designed to get you into a creative flow
  • Guide for how to photograph and style your work
  • Guidance and feedback from myself on how to improve your composition
  • Roadmap of the CREATIVE CYCLE
  • Tips for dealing with Creative Blocks
  • Basics of Selling Your Work
  • LOTS of Handholding and Encouragement!

Your Instructor

Wendy Brightbill
Wendy Brightbill

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and ends at any time. You have unlimited access to all of the content for this course, as well as access to the community and feedback from myself. Join at any time!
What supplies will I need for the course?
Because this is a mentorship course, there is no specific "Supply List" for the course. That said, you will need to use all of your favorite art supplies and mediums. I do encourage artists to do a lot of work on paper. Keep that in mind as you prepare your own materials.
Are there any LIVE components to this program?
Yes! I will be doing 6 LIVE coaching calls on Zoom. I will be available to answer any and all questions regarding the content already covered in the course. We will go over and implement the content that has already been covered in pre-recorded videos.
What if I can't make the LIVE Zoom Sessions?
No worries if you can't make the LIVE sessions. I will be recording the Zoom sessions for you to watch a later date.
What if I am on vacation during the the 12 weeks of this course?
Missing one or two weeks will not hurt your progress. Each module will take a period of two weeks to go through. You can always come back pick right back where you left off. You will have unlimited access to the course, so you can actually work at your own pace.
Will you ever be offering one on one coaching?
After the completion of this course, I will be opening up a limited amount of one on one coaching opportunities.

Over the years, I have championed many artists and talked so many down from the ledge of frustration and overwhelm. I guess it comes with the territory of teaching other artists. It just comes naturally to me. I mentor a lot of artists (sometimes friends) on a very informal basis. If I could count the number of desperate text messages or frustrated direct messages I have answered over the years, it would be in the 100's I am sure. (Some of you might even be here.) I am so incredibly excited to finally put this program out into the world and help other artists step into who they were created to be. We ALL have a unique expression of creativity! I believe that it's part of my calling to help other women step into this God given expression and put their artwork out into the world. The world needs more art and beauty!!!

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