My Creative Journey- Nothing is lost!

Hello! I am so excited for this section of the course. I am thoroughly passionate about creative practice! I have tried so many different styles over the years. You already got to see a whole bunch of my earlier work in week one. I am continuing this week by sharing some other styles of work that I tried at one point in time. I started my creative journey with mixed media art journaling, moving into abstract painting then into digital illustration. I feel like I have tried it all until I found what felt the most like me. I don't ever think that you have to do just one thing. Although, I will say that sometimes having a very distinctive style does help you sell more work. Plus, the benefit of going deep into one area of work, is that you truly get better over time when you put in the practice.

The biggest thing that I have learned though, over the years, is that nothing is ever lost. Say, you try out a style and it doesn't fit you, all that time that spent is only making you a better artist. When I spent several years developing my digital illustration style, I finally decided that it just wasn't me. I returned to making messy art in the studio. But the time that I spent learning illustrator really helped me develop my drawing skills and sense of shape/ form a lot! Now, I use those same skills to build my still life paintings.

Sometimes you have to figure out what you don't like, before you figure out what you do! My best piece of advice would be to give yourself a lot of grace and be patient with the process. You WILL get there. Just don't give up before you do.

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