Oil Color List

Everyone always asks for a list of my favorite colors and brands. This is the list of oil paint colors that I like to have on hand. I understand that everyone is at different levels of acquiring paint and that it can be expensive to purchase. My favorite brand of paint is Charvin but I don't recommend purchasing every color that they sell. I would only purchase your very favorite colors in Charvin and buy basic colors in a cheaper brand.

Charvin Favorites

Incarnat (Peachy Pink)

Eva Pink

Light Cyclamen

Bluish Parma

Amethyst Parma

Linen Flower

Provence Blue


Lagoon Blue

Chartreuse Green Deep

Deep Celadon Green

Meadow Green

Tropical Green

Light Cinnaber Green

Holbein Favorites

Luminous Opera

Luminous Violet

Rose Violet

Leaf Green

Emerald Green Nova

Ice Green

Veriter Blue


Prussian Green

Greenish Yellow

Cadmium Green Light Hue

Master's Touch

Light Graphite

Green Grey

Blue Grey

Olive Green

Fluorescent Pink

Any Brand

Ultramarine Blue

Payne's Grey

Cerulean Blue

Burnt Sienna

Yellow Ochre


Indian Orange

French Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Ash Blue

Quinacridone Magenta

Alizarin Crimson

Windsor Newton

Olive Green

Titanium White in the large tube